Big Rig Resorts

Help Celebrate "Everglades Isle Motorcoach Retreat" Anniversary - January 21 thru 23.
Featuring radio talk show host Neil Boortz. There will also be Live Entertainment, Barbecue, Everglades Excursions, Air-boat rides, Dinner and lots more fun. To find out more, click on the following: [Read More]

10 great places for local wines

October 13, 2010
While Napa Valley gets the most attention, winemakers are busier than ever around the nation, says blogger Jeff Siegel, who founded with Dave McIntyre, wine critic for The Washington Post. [Read More]

RVers guide to slashing campground expenses

October 10, 2010
By Bob Difley Unless you’ve been out in the boonies for several months, way beyond the reach of a radio signal, you know that the recession is not quite over. Joblessness is still somewhere near the top of Mt. Whitney, services have been cut to the non-existent, and a nervous populace is burying money under the [Read More...]

RV Navigation and Much, Much More

October 1, 2010
Lug_Nut’s view of a growing technology. Earlier I wrote about the adaption of using an Apple iPad in an RV for its application of a glass dash. If you missed it here’s a link In addition to using this for instrumentation and of course navigation, there are other great features that RVer’s might find [Read More...]