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Naples and the Gems of Florida's Paradise Coast

One of many treasures in Naples which along with along with Marco Island and the western Gulf Coast portion of the Everglades, makes up part of Florida's Paradise Coast. Often cited as having one of the best beaches in Florida, Naples is within Collier County where almost 80 percent of the land is dedicated to park and nature preserves. [Read More]

Charleston Travel: Five Free Things To Do In Chucktown

Charleston is awash in history and Southern charm and becoming widely known as a culinary town. Each year it hosts major events ranging from the Spoleto Festival USA to the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition and the Family Circle Cup Tennis Tournament. But there are a lot of free things to do for visitors drawn to the city founded in 1670. Here are some suggestions:  [Read More]

Virginia celebrates starring role in 'Lincoln'

RICHMOND, Va. — It took almost four years of war for Union troops to seize this confederate capital in 1865. In 2011, Hollywood accomplished the feat in just 53 days, and the city is still buzzing about it. [Read More]

America's Best Small Towns To Visit In 2013, According To Smithsonian Magazine

For the second year in a row, Smithsonian Magazine put together its list of the 20 best small towns across America worth visiting. Like last year, it enlisted the help of geographic information company Esri to search for towns with populations less than 15,000 with a strong cultural bent, i.e. high numbers of museums, art galleries, [Read More]

Florida's Best Botanical Gardens

Are you looking for something different to do while your visiting Florida.  Try the forgotten wonders and Dive into the exotic with these tropical wonders and reconnect with nature at one of Florida's many gorgeous, expansive botanical gardens. [Read More]

2014 Millennium Prevost H3-45, S4 #10087

The Ultimate in Quality! This spectacular paint scheme will really draw in the crowds! With f slide-outs, we've got plenty of sq feet of interior space all rolling down the highway in style. This Prevost has just arrived at the Millennium workshop and is ready for your customization.

The Best Places To Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day (And The Irish Generally)

Green beer, nearly legal drinking in the streets, and raucous, overcrowded parades; they all come to mind when we think of St. Patty's Day. But the holiday isn't just an excuse for the Irish (and the "Irish For A Day" types) to get a bit boisterous. [Read More]


Driving to Alaska is unlike any other road trip, with widely varying conditions along the route that can change at a moment's notice. From crossing the American-Canadian border to dealing with long stretches of wilderness, North to Alaska's guide for driving to the Last Frontier can help get you to your destination safely while ensuring that you do not miss any of the must-see stops along the way. Here are just a few of the things you don't want to forget...[Read More]

6 best places to be a cowboy (for a while)

To many, the spur-booted buckaroo in the ten-gallon hat may represent a time gone by. But the American cowboy is still alive and well -- and it's not too late to join his (or her) range-land ranks.
Across the West -- and even in New England -- real ranches, rodeos and cattle drives aren't just preserving the frontier spirit, they're actively practicing it.  [Read More]

Cherry Blossom Festival 2013: D.C.'s 'Peak Blossom' Expected Between March 26-30

D.C. is about to look very pink. Beginning March 20 and running through April 14, the National Cherry Blossom Festival will celebrate the friendship between America and Japan with the blooming of approximately 3,750 trees[Read More]

Getting Ready to Head Out? Don’t Forget the Final Check on your RV!

Have you ever forgotten to do the final check on your RV before driving away from your house or campsite?
I have an uncle, whom I love dearly, who drove out of his driveway with his RV still plugged into the wall of his house.  As a fairly new RV-owner and having felt rushed for time when departing, he enjoys amusing  his listeners with the retelling of this story…[Read More]

5 Things To Do In... Austin, Texas During SXSW

Take a trip to Austin, Texas, home of South by Southwest, the massive music, film and interactives conference. If you're visiting for SxSW, we asked a few notable locals for the cant-miss sites you need to see before you hit the conference hall. [Read More]

The 10 Happiest States in the U.S.
It’s not surprising that people in Hawaii are super happy. But the other states whose residents feel the best might surprise you. [Read More]

2013 Anniversaries That Will Inspire A Trip

2013 brings some notable anniversaries and associated hoopla. USA TODAY's Jayne Clark highlights five spring and summer events that are worth planning a trip around.  [Read More]