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College Towns You Need To Visit This Fall

College towns are at their finest in the fall. Students are fresh-faced, leaves are changing, there's football and beer, nostalgia and charm.
A quick trip to a college town is the perfect weekend getaway. From striking campus architecture to all-American tailgates to leaf-peeping ventures, there's a great college town for everyone to visit.                                     Check out our favorite college towns to visit in the fall [Read More]

10 quintessential fall weekend trips

Shortening days, comfy sweaters, steaming mugs of warm apple cider: Some things are so quintessentially fall that, despite the promise of snowy days to come, we just can't wait to partake. Autumn is the ideal time for weekend trips both urban and rustic. Check out our 10 favorite fall destinations and then plan your own cozy escape.  [Read More]

Great stops along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Ready for a road trip? The Blue Ridge Parkway, which runs from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, through North Carolina, to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, makes for a beautiful drive no matter the season. From scenic overlooks to historic mansions, here are 10 great spots, from north to south, along the Parkway that are worth the drive. [Read More]

10 great places for fall festivals

Autumn's cooler weather and harvest traditions offer an excuse to celebrate. "It's a very special time of year. The fragrance of burning leaves, the crystalline blue skies (encourage you) to go out and explore," says Peter Guttman, an award-winning photographer and author of the travel app Beautiful Planet HD. He shares some favorite events with Larry Bleiberg for USA Today. [Read More]

5 Midwestern Small Towns to Visit Now

Native Midwesterners often joke about "the six weeks of summer," but the season of warmth actually stretches much longer than this, and one thing is for certain: towns in the Heartland celebrate summer very well. There's no better place to relax in the sun than these charming, quaint towns that exude Americana. Upon arrival, expect to be lured in by adorable antique shops, cute cafes, beautiful bakeries, and amazing art galleries. Here are five of the best.--Kristine Hansen [Read More]

10 great hidden state parks USATODAY

National parks may get all the attention, but state parks pack in visitors, especially during fall, when cooler weather invites exploration, says Richard Dubi, CEO of ParksByNature Network. The company publishes the free Pocket Ranger guides, the official app offered by several dozen state recreation and wildlife departments. "People are passionate about their state parks. There are a lot of hidden gems there." He shares some favorite parks for fall fun with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY. [Read More]

Incredible fall foliage hike

Autumn is the time of year when our favorite hikes become even more breathtaking -- alight with the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows of fall.
In other seasons, leaves appear green, due to chlorophyll (the pigment that allows them to capture sunlight and produce nutrients), however the arrival of cooler temperatures and shorter days signals the tree to stop producing it. This is when -- to our delight -- the other colors in the leaves begin to show.  [Read More]

Romantic Beach Getaways

Sure, strolling hand-in-hand along the beach is cliché. But there's an undeniable romance to being by the ocean.
It's in the salty air, the relaxed pace, small-town charms, and sunsets -- preferably enjoyed while on a boat ride. Beach getaways continue to woo couples, and you don't have to fly halfway across the world to find that perfect stretch of sand.  [Read More]

Sleepy beach towns perfect for the Fall

A glorious hush falls over the country's favorite beach towns in autumn. Crowds disappear and locals exhale. While the water's still warm and the weather's still mild, scoop up a cheap oceanfront cottage rental and enjoy the golden moments of the season. Here are 10 iconic U.S. beach towns where you can pedal along quiet boardwalks, kayak among fall colors, and score excellent post-Labor Day deals.  [Read More]