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10 waterfalls you definitely should go chasing

Waterfalls rank among nature's most alluring features, and there are hundreds if not thousands of them scattered across the United States. Some are spectacular and duly famous, such as Niagara and Yosemite, but there are many more lesser known but equally remarkable cataracts.
Given all of the possibilities, selecting a list of top 10 waterfalls was easier said than done. Nonetheless, here's our lineup of America's 10 most captivating waterfalls.  Go there...

Kings Mountain: Beginning of the end of the Revolutionary War

BLACKSBURG, S.C. -- Many Americans grow up with the idea that all the important sites of theAmerican Revolution are in the Northeast — in places like Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill andValley Forge, says John Slaughter, superintendent of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution Parks Group.
But more battles were fought in South Carolina than in any other state, he says.  Go there...

Road trips: Five must-see places in Arizona

Looking for a perfect late-summer road trip? People from around the world come to see the Grand Canyon, but Arizona has much more to offer. These are the Arizona Republic's must-see places in the state.  Go there...

Cuyahoga Valley: Natural gem hides in plain sight in Ohio

Try to pin down one thing that makes Cuyahoga Valley National Park a favorite, and the consensus will be ... that that can't be done.
The nearly 33,000-acre park is tucked away — some might say hidden — between the Cleveland and Akron metro areas in northeastern Ohio. Yet it boasts a variety of experiences that reflect how the local area, and the country as a whole, developed.   Go there...

The Ozarks: Scenic rivers' attraction is clear

The history, and the people, of the Jacks Fork and Current rivers are a bit rugged, but that water is crystal clear.
The rivers, which make up the Ozarks National Scenic Riverways, meander across southeast Missouri for more than 200 miles.
"There are several large springs that pump 200 million gallons a day," says Dena Matteson, public information officer.  Go there...

TripAdvisor's most unexpected popular attractions

Everyone has heard of Central Park, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Vegas Strip.
All three are among the most popular attractions in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas, according toTripAdvisor's Popularity Index.
But as travelers increasingly rely on each other for advice on where to go and what to do, some unusual attractions are popping up near the top of the list.  Go there...

BC Road Trip: Calgary to Vancouver via Highway 3

We asked, you answered! Have you ever driven from Calgary to Vancouver? What stops would you recommend along the way?
Hundreds of our Facebook followers commented on their favourite stops from Calgary to Vancouver, so we compiled the must-see destinations along BC’s Crowsnest Highway (Highway 3) via Osoyoos. This route takes you along sections of BC’s historic gold rush trail, over the mountains, into the desert and ending at the wild coast of the Pacific Ocean. -     Go there...

5 Scenic North of Boston Day Trip Destinations

With gorgeous beaches, historic attractions and excellent seafood, there are all kinds of good reasons to plan a little time in the North of Boston region.
It’s true year round, but even more so during the warmer months, when festivals come to town and the sea breeze keeps everyone a bit cooler.
From oceanside parks to breathtaking nature reserves, the North Shore offer some absolute gems. Go there...

Shenandoah: Most striking Skyline in the East

Shenandoah National Park's Skyline Drive offers views of Appalachian farmland and rolling Virginia hills just a short drive from the nation's capital.
President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the park in 1936 as a place for both recreation and re-creation, says Susan Sherman, president of Shenandoah National Park Trust, a group with about 1,000 members. "Nearly 80 years later, Shenandoah continues to deliver on that promise," she says.  Go there...

50 Best Dive Bars in the U.S.

A good dive bar has greasy food, music, things placed on the ceilings or walls by past patrons, and ice-cold adult beverages. It may or may not have a pool table, a dart board, a dancefloor, a resident pet, or a friendly barkeep. It most definitely will not have clean floors, pink drink umbrellas, or good lighting.   Go there...

Olympic National Park: Beach, mountains and forest all in one place

Olympic National Park's nearly 1 million acres include something for everyone.
The park, in the northwest corner of Washington state, boasts 73 miles of Pacific coastline.
Its valleys contain some of the largest remaining ancient forests in the country.
And in the center are the Olympic Mountains, topped with massive, ancient glaciers.
 Go there...