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Tour Tennessee distilleries for moonshine and whiskey

Tennessee moonshiners once scurried the hills, the thickets and streams to hide copper pot stills and moonshine jugs from the Revenue agents and sheriffs. Skirmishes between the law and illegal Tennessee whiskey makers regularly occurred after the Civil War, when the government increased tax collection efforts, but became an everyday event during Prohibition.  [Go there...]

16 Reasons Why Door County, Wisconsin Is Better Than Wherever You Are Right Now

Four hours' drive north of Chicago, Door County, Wisconsin has been a Midwest weekend getaway staple for generations. During the fall season, when the colors really start to pop, this idyllic bit of countryside becomes one of the best places to experience a truly classic American autumn. Here are some very good reasons why you should go (and what you should do when you get there), whether it's now, next year or both.
 [Go there...]

Experts predict great fall foliage in the Carolinas

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Fall foliage experts in North and South Carolina say the weather during the past several months has paved the way for great leaf viewing in the coming days.
While colors in the northern, higher elevations of South Carolina are still emerging, trees are exploding with color at the upper elevations in western North Carolina.  [Go there...]

Best Beaches Coast to Coast

With 12,383 miles of coastline in the United States, finding the best beach escape is no small task. Andrew Skwarek picks eight great sandy spots from coast to coast  [Go there...]

Wounded Warrior Project


Big Rig owner and publisher, Bob Macdonald is proud to announce his support of the “Wounded Warrior Project”.  Bob quotes, “As a veteran of the Service, I have a lot of compassion for these Warriors.  I was never injured while in the service but I do know the frightening experience of returning to civilian life.  I can’t imagine returning to civilian life and returning to all of the life-altering events awaiting me as a “Wounded Warrior”. 

Fortunately many of our injured warriors, their families, and their caregivers do not have to face this journey alone. They have you and Wounded Warrior Project.  Bob says however, “They still need our help and will continue to count on us as they recover and readjust to civilian life”.  That is why this is an all-important mission.

On this Veterans Day (or any day) and on behalf of those who have made such great sacrifices for our freedom, Bob and Big Rig wish you would consider a donation or a continuing monthly donation to our Wounded Warriors.  In order to make your donation as easy as possible, Bob has posted a click thru on his web site.  Just click on the “Wounded Warriors Project” logo on the left hand side of the Big Rig Home Page.  You will then be well on your way to your own “Life Altering Event”.  Go there…

Thanking you for your support in advance:

Bob Macdonald

Park, pump and pig out at gourmet gas stations

Many things about the Valero gas station in the trendy U Street area of Washington, D.C., are typical. Like the blue dumpster that sits in the corner of the small parking lot, the chewing gum stuck to the asphalt and the orange construction cone that props open the door.
So as you enter the Fast Gourmet convenience store and waltz past the 99-cent Cheez Doodles, the row of Kit Kats and bottles of antifreeze,  [Go there...]

in the Paso Robles Wine Country

It's the most colorful time of the year! Here in the northeast, we're surrounded by beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow as leaf-peeping season kicks into full swing -- but you don't have to be in just one region to appreciate all the fall foliage. We've got some great seasonal spots around the country -- and one in Canada -- where you can see the leaves in all their colorful splendor, whether by car, train, boat, or by going for a nice, long walk in the crisp fall air. If all else fails, you can always choose to live vicariously through Budget Travel's Fall Into Foliage board on Pinterest.  [Read More]

Best places to watch a sunset

After four weeks of voting in's Readers' Choice contest, your votes helped identify North America's "Best Places to Watch a Sunset." The winners are:  [Read More]

3 Ways To Completely Ruin A Cast-Iron Skillet

Of all the prized possessions in my kitchen, one of my favorites was also probably the cheapest. I am talking, of course, about my trusted cast iron skillet and the layer of seasoning upon it. In this case, "seasoning" doesn't mean adding salt and pepper to taste, seasoning cast iron refers to the process of cooking oil into the surface of pan, giving it natural non-stick properties.  [Read More]

Five Florida Beaches to Truly Treasure

Listening to the soothing melody of the surf, watching the sunset paint the waves pink and orange, or reconnecting with loved ones: these are all treasures a beach trip can provide.
But some Florida getaways offer bounty in other forms, too. Check out what you can hunt for on these gems-of-beaches.  [Read More]

An Abandoned America Road Trip Is Most Impressive At Night (What a Thought)

Want to see America at its most fascinating? Would you mind if it were slightly eery at the same time? You’ve probably never thought about a road trip like this before. Diners? Check. Motels? Check. Toll booths and gas stations? Double check. But oh, there's so much more (or is it less?) to this automobile adventure.  [Read & See More]

Add the nation’s Scenic Byways to your bucket list

The National Scenic Byways Program is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, in collaboration with other public and private agencies. Since 1992 the National Scenic Byways Program has funded more than three thousand projects for state and nationally designated byway routes in all 50 states.  [Read More]

10 great places to see waterfalls

Not only are waterfalls gorgeous, but visiting one could be good for you, says Bryan Swan, co-founder of "Research suggests that the flowing water stimulates brain activity," he says. Plus, they provide a great destination for a hike or outing: "You get a sense of awe and the primal power of nature when you visit." He shares some favorite North American cascades (some of which maybe in areas temporarily closed because of the government shutdown) with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.  [Read More]

Top 10 National Wildlife Refuges Scenic Drives

To really explore a national wildlife refuge, of course, you’ll want to get out of your vehicle. But when time is limited or you want to get the lay of the land before you set out on a trail, a scenic drive should be considered. For all us ‘let’s-check-it-out-first’ types, here’s a sampling of some super national wildlife refuge drives to whet your appetite for further exploration. [Read More]